We're still here to support you 24/7 during the coronavirus pandemic. We're still here to support you 24/7 during the coronavirus pandemic.
We’ve helped 1000’s of families find a way out of debt and help change lives daily

Debt can seem daunting and extremely worying at times but solutions are in place to help you get your life and finances back on track.

We continue to help hundreds of people each day and stride in providing honest and transparent advice at all times.

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Terrence From West Malling | Guardian Angels

"When I contacted you I really didn't think you would be able to help. We were in such a big hole with only a spoon to dig ourselves out. From the moment I started explaining to Debbie our situation, she had such a calming and caring attitude and I immediately thought even if they can't help us this lady is worth her weight in gold. I felt as though there was light at the end of the tunnel. Debbie is amazing, brilliant, wonderful and if I wasn't in such a financial mess she would be getting flowers every week!

Everyone that we spoke to were brilliant, understanding, non judgemental and most of all kept reassuring us that if one thing didn't work, don't give up as they will help until we had a solution. I can't begin to tell you how much taller we feel. We've haven't got there yet but all the help and support we are being given is giving us the hope and strength that we can finally move on with our lives and stop living in fear.

Thank you all so much for all you have done and are doing. You should all feel very proud of yourselves, in that you give life back to those of us who have tried but failed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Terry and Pam"

Simon From Manchester | 100% Star Customer Service

"Hi, I'd like to give a 5 star+ customer service review on giving advice about debt management to the lady that helped me called Nadia. Her handling of my sitution was nothing short of amazing. Keep up the great work. Simon."

James From Ruislip | I'm so grateful to Nadia and Sandra

"I'm so grateful to Nadia and Sandra. They were absolutely brilliant and took a huge weight off my mind and I can't thank them enough. Fantastic company and the only downfall is that I wish I'd of found them sooner! Excellent thank you so much"

Giuseppe From Nottingham | My Debts

"Thanks alot for spending the time with me on the phone, you were a very kind and warm person. The attention to detail was fantastic and I was dealt with so quickly, which really helped me sort everything out. I will recommend to friends and people who really need the help, Kind Regards, Giuseppe"

Bettina From Oldham | Thank you!…

"I was lucky to have my first conversation with Debbie who was wonderful, wise, very kind and supportive, giving me the confidence to go onto the next stage to begin the start of the process to get me back in control of my problems. I am still pulling the papers together to send in asap to keep the ball rolling. Thank you Debbie!"

Susan From Cleveland | Although a very stressful experience…

“Although a very stressful experience to have to go through something like this, I felt Changing Steps immediately took control and made me feel comfortable with the process. I would definitely recommend Changing Steps to anyone else in this situation. Thank you. I now feel I can sleep at night!”

Harry From Southampton | This company is very professional

"This company is very professional. They explain the procedures and processes involved in presenting a personalised management plan for your situation. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Frankie From Sussex | Excellent and very helpful and friendly…

"Excellent, very helpful and friendly service. Would 100% recommend"

Maria From Reading | The team have been amazing

"The team have been amazing. Easy to get everything across. Looking forward to becoming clear from debt."

Thomas From Rochester | I found the process easy to use and …

"I found the process easy to use and would like to recommend this service to everyone who is looking for help with their debts. Great service."

Jane from Liverpool | I could not fault the service I was made…

"I could not fault the service I was made to feel at ease. The whole process was simple and I feel like a massive weight has been lifted. provided my IVA goes ahead there will finally be some light at the end of the tunnel. Many thanks"

Christopher From Essex | I was so desperate and thought there …

"I was so desperate and thought there was no way out. I am so grateful you have literally saved my life!"

Arthur From Birmingham | My Experience

"Great experience with people who care. They did not not stop until they were able to help me. Thank you for everything you did for me."

Tim From Sunderland | Relieved

"Initially, when circumstances took a nose dive, I still felt in control of the enveloping situation regardless of nominal borrowing. Even as time progressed and everything evolved into a familiar pattern I was strangely detached from the inevitable mire of a dead end street. Yes, I thought that I knew what I was doing, when in reality I had merely been tramping along a well worn path in the footsteps of others

When I finally admitted to myself, that I needed help, I was basically teetering on the brink of despair. Until I found myself chatting to the helpful and knowledgeable Ricky."

Matthew From Colchester | I'm glad I chose your service it's been …

"I'm glad I picked your service, it's been easy with a great communication for the early stages so far"

Sarah From South Humberside | Would definitely recommend

"I spoke to Debbie and she was lovely. Everything went smoothly. Got answers to any questions I had and everything was explained throughly. My husband and myself had a few issues with a previous company that we already had an IVA with. After speaking with Debbie we felt a lot better and could stop worrying. I definitely recommend you calling them even if you just need advice. Very helpful. Thanks again Debbie."

Faye From Leeds | Service was excellent

"Service was excellent, Ricky made me feel at ease and made it very easy to talk about a very sensitive subject. Thank you Ricky for making me live live again!"

Janet From Hull | Debbie was a lovely jolly and very…welcoming knowledgeable woman

"Debbie was a lovely jolly and very informative lady, she made me feel at ease and showed empathy in this very difficult time for me! She went through everything slowly and clearly and made what was a very emotional difficult time so much easier for me. Thank you so much for your help and for making me laugh!"

Kelly From West Sussex | Very friendly

"Very friendly, fast and they are there to help you. I'm so glad I took the courage to ring. I'm very happy with the service ☺"

Carly From Swansea | They do everything possible to help you!

"Wow is all I can say, I was deep in debt with nobody to turn to and you turned everything around for me. I appreciate your help and support and can't thank you enough x."

Renee From Wirral | Can't fault. The service I've received …

"Can't fault. The service I've received has been outstanding from the beginning and I can't thank you enough"

Jo From Bolton | They were brilliant and so supportive

"I would highly recommend this company, if you find yourself in a situation with debt. They listened and were so understanding. The have my 100% backing. Cheers, Jo"

Brad From Stratford | What a Relief

"Can't begin to express what a relief getting in touch was, couldn't ask for any more advice and support, would advise anyone who needs help to get in touch"

Heather From Lincoln | Very nice people

"These people are so helpful, patient and explain everything clearly. They answered all my questions and put my mind at rest"

Ralph From Scunthorpe | Thanks for your help and patience

"It's been a big burden taken from me and I can't thank you enough for your help. Certainly would recommend your service to anyone. Ralph from Scunthorpe."

Anne From Barnet | Brilliant polite people

"Lovely brilliant service and nice polite people to talk to. I would recommend them to anyone"

Scarlet From Newcastle | Recommend

"Such excellent staff to talk to and they put you in the right direction. I recommend them to anyone to get the help with their debts. Thanks a million!"

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We’ve helped thousands of people take control of their finances.

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“Great way out!”

"Great. The best thing I ever did, you think it's too good to be true but hey it's so out there. I was paying a thousand pounds a month, now I am paying, wait for it. Two hundred. Yes it's true. Go for it!"
Patricia Howell

“So simple”

"So simple, I had worried myself sick about my bills! One phone call is all it took to start things rolling. It was easy, just be honest by telling them everything and it gets sorted for you"
Alistair Molyneux

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